How to effectively drink and how to buy Hime-matsutake extract granules



How to effectively drink and how to buy Hime-matsutake extract granules

Do you know that there is an extract granule in Princess Matsutake (Hime-matsutake)? Iwade out of Iwade Mycobacteria Laboratory 101 Masutake Mushroom Extract granule is a drinkable granule type in which the active ingredient is concentrated. Noteworthy is the principal extract of Matsutake Mushitake Extract, a unique extractive method that succeeded in increasing the main component polysaccharide by 20% over the traditional princess Matsutake(Hime-matsutake). Kawai Pharmacy is an authorized agent of Cien, a group of Iwade Biomedical Research Laboratories Co., Ltd. which succeeded in researching and cultivating Iwade 101 Masutake.

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Features of Hime-Matsutake Extract Granules

Iwade 101 Masutake Mushroom Extract granule is a high-quality princess matsutake, which is not comparable in content and content of active ingredients compared with Hime Matsutake mushroom dry type or conventional Hime Matsutake products.

1, We have increased the amount of polysaccharides including β- (1 → 6) -D-glucan by about 20% from conventional products by our own extraction method.
2, a lipid fraction containing a fatty acid group with high usefulness derived from Hime Matsutake (101 strains of Iwade Mycobacteria Laboratory) was contained.
3. We can prepare intestinal environment by dietary fiber function and expect support from intestinal tract.

Estimated effective intake

Princess Matsutake extract granules contain 5 grams per bag and 60 bags per box. When you think that you want to drink actively positively, please take two bags once a day three times to four times a day, six bags to eight bags a day as a guide. When you intend to maintain your health, please drink 1 or 2 bags a day.

Hime Matutake extract granule price

Pack of 60 boxes per box Price 32,400 yen (tax included).

If you drink one bag twice a day, one box is for one month. When you drink two bags once a day three times a day, one box becomes ten days worth.

Price of bulk buying discount.

There is a bulk buying discount for those who want to actively drink a large amount of Hime-Matsutake extract granules. Bulk buying discount is very cheap compared to purchase price of 1 box.

Hime-Matsutake extract 2 boxs for 1,200 yen discount 63,504 yen including tax
Hime-Matsutake extract 3 boxs for 2,700 yen discount 94,284 yen Tax included
Hime-Matsutake Extract 5 boxs for 9,000 yen Discount 152,280 yen Tax included
Hime-Matsutake Extract 8 boxs for 24,000 yen discount 233,280 yen Tax included
Hime-Matsutake Extract 12 boxs for 54,000 yen Discount 330,480 yen Tax included

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How to effectively drink Hime-Matsutake extract granules


Hime-Matsutake extract granule can be taken at any time regardless of the meal before meals. Kawai Pharmacy recommends that you drink before meals or after meals so that you do not forget to drink.
Hime-Matsutake extract granules never put a burden on the stomach and intestines, but those who are weak gastrointestinal or who do not have appetite are recommended to drink after a meal. Please drink it in lukewarm water of 7 ~ 8 tea cups. When it dissolves in hot water, it becomes easier to drink with the taste of the return shoot style of shiitake mushrooms.

How much should I drink?

We advise you how to drink effective Hime-Matsutake extract granules tailored to you. Please do not hesitate to consult us.

Telephone consultation

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Kawai Pharmacy every week Wednesday · 3rd Tuesday regular holiday Hours 10am – 6pm
※ If you are in consultation, we will give you a call back.
※ Excuse me, but I can correspond only in Japanese.


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    We will answer the questions of Hime-Matsutake

    Q What is the difference between Hime-Matsutake and Agaricus mushrooms?

    There is no mushrooms called Agaricus. With regard to Agaricus, it is reported that there are 37 kinds of mushrooms of Haratake genus in Japan and more than 200 kinds in North America. Himemutsutake is also included in this Halatake genus.
    The name Agaricus that you often see in advertisements etc. does not mean a specific mushroom in the generic term of Hiratake genus mushrooms.
    There is no unique mushrooms called Agaricus mushrooms. Moreover, I saw articles that it was studied in the Japan Cancer Society, the Japanese Pharmacological Society and academic journals, etc. for advertisements that sang Agaricus mushrooms, but even if I investigated the presentation at these academic societies, research on mushrooms called Agaricus mushrooms There is no announcement.

    Q What is Hime-Matsutake (101 Iwade Bacteriological Research Institute)?

    Even with the same scientific name Agaricus, differences will appear in the active ingredients depending on the strain. Fungi are prone to irregularities, so you need to save with extreme caution.
    Primary matsutake (Iwade out 101 shares) is undergoing fundamental experiments and clinical experiments at Mie University School of Medicine, Kobe University School of Medicine and Faculty of Agriculture, Lanzhou Medical School and others. Most of the studies published at the Japan Cancer Association and the Japan Pharmacological Society are using Princess Matsutake (101 rocks). Princess Matsutake (101 rocks out of Iwade) is a reliable strain that is backed by scientific and academic data.

    Q I will ask about safety

    February 2006 There was an announcement from the Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare that “Some agaricus products have carcinogenesis promoting action”, but is there any problem with the safety of the princess Matsutake (101 rocks out of Iwate)?

    Fruiting bodies, mycelia and mycelia culture filtrate of Princess Matsutake (101 rocks) have been approved as a food additive “bitter ingredient” (until 2010) and the Food Additives Association asked the Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare There were no problems at all in the various genotoxicity tests conducted.

    In addition, it was reported that toxicity was not observed even in 90 days repeated dose experiment conducted by the same research institute last year.

    Q Where is the origin of Hime-Matsutake?

    Origin is South America Brazil. Native to the wilderness of the outskirts of Sao Paulo, some Japanese migrants were edible. Dr. Iwade was awarded the 10 years since the Japanese migrant Mr. Kusumoto Takatoshi sent “Delicious Mushroom” to Dr. Iwade (Director of Iwade Bacteriological Institute) who was a professor at Mie University of Agriculture at that time I succeeded in artificial cultivation over it. I named the Japanese name Hime-Matsutake.

    Q Where is the Hime-Matsutake(princess Matsutake) (101 rocks out) cultivated?

    Hime Matsutake (101 rocks) is grown in Japan, Brazil and Paraguay.
    In Paraguay, under the auspices of JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), we dispatch technical staff from Japan, conduct quality control under the same standard as domestic production, and there is a factory in Brazil that has a technical alliance. Princess Matsutake produced is receiving various quality checks again in Japan and shipping it.

    Product information on Hime Matsutake Extract Granules

    Product name Hime Matsutake (Iwade Out of 101) Hime Matsutake Extract Granules

    Item Description Scientific name: Agaricus blazei Murrill Japanese name: Himematsutake Princess Matsutake is a mushroom that was first cultivated in the world in 1975, starting cultivation since 1965 based on the inoculum that the Iwade Bacteriological Institute ordered from South America Brazil. Iwade Out of 101 strains are repetitively tested for safety and effectiveness and are not mutagenic by the Iwade Bacteriological Institute.

    Raw material name Himematsutake, indigestible dextrin, soluble starch
    Major ingredients Iwade Out 101 Shima Matsutake
    Contents 300 g (5 g × 60 bags)
    Ingredient indication Nutrition component: Energy per bag (5 g) 18.10 kcal Protein 0.68 g Lipid 0.015 mg Carbohydrate 3.805 g Sodium 19.55 mg
    Shelf life about 2 years
    Country of Origin Japan
    How to Save Please store in a cool place avoiding direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
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    Publisher CIEN GN Phone 059-213-0404 (Address) 1-11 Suehiro cho, Tsu city, Mie Prefecture
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